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Psychedelic Panda Shirt - Presale - Save $3.00!

Image of Psychedelic Panda Shirt - Presale - Save $3.00!

$12.00 - On Sale

Order your shirt now, and it'll be shipped to you when we get our new shipment!

Psychedelic Panda Productions is a night life production company, a clothing company, and an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) promotion company. Formed on February 7th, 2009, Psychedelic Panda is here to blow your mind, rock your world, and make you move to the groove. Our overall goal is to spread a message of Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Responsibility and Balance (P.L.U.R.R.B.) to all those that attend our events, and to encourage overall knowledge of EDM in the Northland. We guarantee you that if you come to our events, you will have a good time. If you don't enjoy yourself, than we're not doing our job. Tell us if you see any problems, and we'll be sure to get things straightened out. Remember that these events can only continue with your support. Thank you for being a member and supporting our cause. Every Friday night from 10pm-1am, we will be live on KUWS 91.3 in the Duluth Minnesota area! And if you're not in the coverage area, you can listen in online.